Buckeye Pest Solutions is the fastest-growing pest removal business in Central Ohio. In the field of pest control, customer service usually takes a back seat while a company bombards your property with chemicals and pesticides. Our staff understands the importance of approaching each situation with a cautious, open mind. What good does it do to destroy an invasive nest if it destroys your kitchen in the process? Our passion to serve the people and animals of the Columbus area compels us to take everything into account when designing our custom removal plans.

               What We Do

Pests take no breaks, but neither do we. Invading animals can be found on your property at any time of the year. Pest activity swells up in the summer, seemingly forming a continuum of unwanted crawling, flying, and slithering pests on your property. Even in the winter, certain breeds of pest will thrive thanks to the graciousness of Central Ohio homeowners and their easily accessible kitchens. Buckeye Pest Solutions

As cities like Columbus expand, our natural environment shrinks. With the desolation of the woodlands, Central Ohio’s pest population has fewer places to inhabit. Naturally, these species do their best to adapt in the modern, urban setting. Many choose to take up residence under decks & porches while others reside in attics and more common areas of your home. Unfortunately, with the influx of animals comes an increased need for food, which most will conduct find inside your home. Need for shelter from the elements and other predators drives animals to create convenient living spaces, which almost always end up on private property. Pests will make your property their home if given the chance. Buckeye Pest Solutions will ensure that they don’t get that chance.

Using integrated pest management strategies, our trained professionals strive to restore your peace of mind after run-ins with invading pests. We also provide solutions for long-term pest problems using only the latest, most advanced methods. Past customers have found this service to be the single most useful tool on the market to combat unwanted animal invasion. 


How We Do It

Buckeye Pest Solutions approaches each situation with a unique awareness of how to construct an effective plan. When faced with pest removal jobs, the majority of pest control companies will immediately respond with chemicals and pesticides. Often times, these are both useful and necessary to fully handle a specific situation. That said, it is important both for you and the invading species that your pest control company approaches the situation with a level head. Buckeye Pest Solutions has years of knowledge and experience dealing with pest issues like yours. Allow us to determine the best way to handle your pest problems today.

Customer Testimonials

This project went very well. The wildlife expert was extremely professional, knowledgeable, thorough and very affordable compared to other companies that I called. I was very happy with the options that he gave me and the house has been repaired for winter.” – Angie’s List

Perfect ! These guys are real pros. They have previous experience, and have gone out on their own to do it the right way. They are professional, knowledgeable, personable and they know what they are doing in both areas (critters and insulation). On time in zero degree weather. Cleanup was spotless. You would never know they were there. Would use them again in a heartbeat” – Angie’s List

Matt was excellent to work with and I developed a genuine trust in his ability. Matt and Colin have a wonderful business model where the customer is treated like family. We found bats and mice in the attic. The problem was addressed and they gave me time to do other work in the attic after insulation removal and re-insulation occurred. I highly recommend this company!!” – Google Reviews

I contacted Buckeye Wildlife Solutions because they performed both critter removal and pest control. [Since Chip arrived], we have not seen any more evidence of the pest problem. At the same time, we discussed the process for trapping the chipmunks that we have around the house and contracted with Buckeye for that service. The traps have just been put out, but we are very happy with our experiences so far! We were very impressed the punctuality, knowledge and professionalism exhibited by Buckeye Wildlife Solutions.” – Angie’s List


The goal for each of us here at Buckeye Pest Solutions is to provide top-quality removal service while ensuring the safety of you, your property, and the animals we deal with. Pest problems can be a headache for anyone, and we understand the importance of keeping you informed and feeling secure about your situation. Our passion for the people and animals of Central Ohio drives us to supply one-of-a-kind customer and removal service. Hundreds of satisfied clients can’t be wrong and, given the chance to prove ourselves, we know you’ll be with us for life!

Buckeye proudly serves the greater Columbus, OH area with quality pest & wildlife control including Ashland, Bexley, Blacklick, Canal Winchester, Columbus, Delaware, Dublin, Gahanna, Galena, Gambier, Granville, Grove City, Hilliard, Howard, Johnstown, Lewis Center, Lexington, Mansfield, Marysville, Mount Gilead, Mount Vernon, New Albany, Ontario, Pickerington, Plain City, Powell, Sunbury, Upper Arlington, Westerville, West Jefferson, Whitehall, Wooster, Worthington, Bowling Green, Findlay, Fremont, Huron, Maumee, Norwalk, Perrysburg, Sandusky, Tiffin, Toledo, and Upper Sandusky. Contact us today!