• Spring Squirrel Activity in Central Ohio: What You Need to Know

    As winter fades away and spring takes over in Central Ohio, residents can expect to see an increase in squirrel activity. This is particularly true for the Franklin County area, where squirrel mating and birthing season typically occur between February and March, making young squirrel sightings extremely common in the early spring months. If you… Read more »

  • Rodent Removal Service: Preventing Rodent Activity Over Winter

    As we enter the heart of Ohio’s winter season, rodent activity in Columbus and surrounding areas will begin to escalate significantly. Because of the difficult winter weather we face in Ohio, mice and rats will want to find places to take shelter from the cold and precipitation. Often times, they make use of entry points… Read more »

  • Do It Yourself Squirrel Removal

    Do it yourself squirrel removal is a common search query, especially toward the beginning of spring. Squirrels give birth in February and March, at which point the young take ten weeks to become fully active. Although we will suggest several do it yourself squirrel removal tactics, it is important to know when to hand the… Read more »

  • Bat Removal Service in Ashland

    Bat colonies are still very active around Ashland and nearby areas. Of all the bat removal services available to Ashland residents, Buckeye Pest Solutions is the undeniable champion. Our team consists of highly-trained, specialized bat removal experts capable of handling any bat situation you may run into. Additionally, we perform full attic restoration service should… Read more »

  • Best Bat Removal Service – Columbus, Ohio

    Are you a resident or home-owner in Columbus, Ohio? If so, you’re likely to be faced with a bat dilemma sooner or later. At first, you may simply hear scratching or other seemingly innocent noise. However, leave it alone too long and you could end up with an insurmountable problem. If allowed to stay in… Read more »

  • Bald-Faced Hornet Removal in Columbus, Ohio

    Bald-faced hornet removal in Columbus, Ohio is as simple as calling Buckeye Pest Solutions at 844-544-9453! Bald-faced hornets are a species of yellowjacket which are larger than most wasps. As you might expect, the name “bald-faced” stems from the black & white color scheme on their bodies. Their stingers are smooth, allowing them to sting… Read more »

  • Remove Yellowjackets in Columbus, Ohio

    To remove yellowjackets in Columbus, Ohio and nearby cities, you need to take quick action. Yellowjackets are one of the most common Columbus pests. These insects are a very important part of the ecosystem but have no place in or around your home. Yellowjackets are dangerous if not handled carefully. They have very painful stings… Read more »

  • Ant Removal Service – Remove Ants in Columbus Ohio

    What Makes Us Columbus’s Best Ant Removal Service? Ohio is home to several ant species that cause major pest problems. The most common pest ant species in Columbus are carpenter ants and odorous house ants. Both species are annoying to deal with but can be even more problematic than you think. Carpenter ants are capable… Read more »

  • Get Bats Out of My Attic – Columbus, Ohio

    Get Bats Out of My Attic – Columbus, Ohio We hear it all winter long: “How do I get bats out of my attic?” Above all, panicked Columbus Ohio residents choose Buckeye Pest Solutions for their bat removal job. There is no substitute for the proper training, knowledge, and equipment to handle the complexities of… Read more »

  • Yellowjacket Removal Service | Get Rid of Yellowjackets in Columbus, Ohio

    Yellowjacket Removal Service | Get Rid of Yellowjackets in Columbus, Ohio CALL: (844) 544-7378 Yellowjackets are common in Columbus, Ohio in July and August. They are important to the ecosystem as they feed on many pesky insects. However, yellowjackets can be very dangerous if not handled carefully. Their stings are incredibly painful and can even cause… Read more »

  • Professional Bird Removal – Get Rid of Birds in Columbus, OH

    Professional Bird Removal – Get Rid of Birds in Columbus, OH CALL: (844) 544-9453 Professional bird removal service is a common service offered by wildlife removal companies across the industry. Each service varies in quality and effectiveness, therefore, it is important to find the best removal company near you. It is easy, nowadays, to figure… Read more »

  • Central Ohio Biological Threats – Histoplasmosis in Bat Guano

    Bats are notorious for carrying disease– especially in their waste. Bat guano can carry dozens of different diseases which pose threats to humans. One of the most notable diseases is histoplasmosis. What Is Histoplasmosis? Histoplasmosis is a fungus which affects the respiratory system, which is responsible for our capacity to breathe. The fungus produces very… Read more »

  • Squirrels – Second Litters & Ohio Resident Concerns

    The middle of summer is the most common time for squirrels to give birth to their second litter of the year. Squirrels are a very prevalent critter in the Midwest, and Central Ohio is no exception. Home to a consistent squirrel population, a second wave has the potential to make your summer much more annoying…. Read more »

  • Thermal Imaging & Columbus Pest Control

    Thermal imaging cameras may seem like spy technology, but they are often used by companies in the pest management field to make removal jobs easier. Like many other kinds of technology, new developments have made thermal imaging cameras easier to afford – giving pest removal workers a fantastic resource to work with. They detect infrared… Read more »

  • Chimney Swifts – Problem Birds in Central Ohio

    Chimney swifts are small to mid-sized birds known to reside and raise their young in Central Ohioans’ chimneys during the summer. They are colored a dark shade of olive, dispersed uniformly over the body. These birds are the perfect size for fitting their slender bodies through tight spaces – making them a nuisance to those who… Read more »

  • Handling Opossum Problems in Columbus, OH

    Opossums are mid-sized animals, about the size of a cat when fully grown. They are America’s only marsupial and one of the least evolved creatures relative to their species’ length of existence. Opossums have very diverse, effective immune systems which include immunity to many venoms like those found in several species of snakes. They will… Read more »

  • Groundhog Day in Central Ohio

    At any given time, several species of pest could be burrowing under your yard – forming tunnels, ruining your garden, and annoying your dog. What separates the groundhog from most burrowing pests is their adaptability. Groundhogs are perfectly build for digging, with compact, powerful limbs and curved claws for tearing up the earth. In addition,… Read more »

  • Odorous House Ants – Pests of Ohio

    The aptly named odorous house ant is known for their odor as well as their tendency to invade residential buildings. They are average-sized and colored black, often mistaken for pavement ants. Odorous house ants, when crushed, produce a “rotten coconut” odor, which makes killing them rather difficult. Their colonies can range from several hundred to tens of thousands,… Read more »

  • Carpenter Ants in Columbus

    Carpenter ants are relatively large, blackish colored insects which travel in colonies. They can vary in their individual size, but there is no mistaking the presence of a colony. Carpenter ants are known to damage wood (they actually eat it!) in hopes of creating a viable shelter for nesting. This causes obvious, serious problems for… Read more »

  • Ohio’s Own – Invading Bald-Faced Hornets

    The bald-faced hornet is a frightening sight to witness. They fall under the yellowjacket category, although this species are larger than most other wasps. The name “bald-faced” stems from the black & white color scheme which adorns their bodies. Their stingers are smooth, which allows them to sting their target multiple times. On top of… Read more »

  • Yellowjackets in the Columbus Area

    Of all the pests you might deal with in Central Ohio, few are as feared as the yellowjacket. Think of them as the Ferrari to the common bee’s Volvo. A yellowjacket is a version of a wasp – a longer, thinner counterpart to the more compact, hair-covered bee. They are capable of stinging several times… Read more »

  • Cicada Swarms Cause Spike in Mole Activity

    Mole and cicada populations are naturally intertwined. As natural predators of cicadas, moles will migrate anywhere there is a significant increase in cicadas. The yearly numbers tend to be stable, but recent events have thrown a wrench in the cycle. A huge rise in cicadas is driving up mole populations all across the eastern US,… Read more »

  • Birds to Watch Out for – European Starlings

    Every year at about this time, birds begin to cause problems for homeowners nationwide. The Columbus area is no exception, and one of the biggest offenders goes by the name of “European Starling.” These are among the most common bird species in America, so it should be of no surprise that they are responsible for… Read more »

  • High Infestation Rates Of Yard Moles In Dublin, Powell, Lewis Center, & Delaware Ohio

    Mole damage to yards and mulch beds can be a very frustrating problem in central Ohio.  The most common symptoms of mole infestations are large mounds of dirt on the grass, tunnels through the turf and spongy, sinking sections of yards & lawns. Mole populations are not evenly distributed around central Ohio. The northwestern, northern and northeastern areas… Read more »

  • Carpenter Bees In The Spring

    Carpenter Bee Eradication In Central Ohio Springtime is busy for most species of insects and wildlife in Ohio.  With temperatures warming early this year, plants and flowers are emerging, and not long after them will emerge all the pollinating insects, such as the carpenter bees. If you find small amounts of sawdust or pollen stains around… Read more »

  • Raccoon Maternity Season In Ohio

    There are many tell-tale signs of spring beginning to arrive in Ohio; Days getting longer, a few warm days mixed with the gray late-winter ones, flowers and trees beginning to bud & bloom, and in the wildlife management field, the first litter of baby raccoons are found nestled up inside a homeowner’s attic. Raccoon breeding season is… Read more »

  • Birds In Vents – Nesting Buildup & Bird Mites

    Another very common wildlife encounter are when birds nest in bath fan vents. The most common species that flocks towards these vents are European starlings and English sparrows. Both are “cavity nesting” birds, which means they prefer to make their nests in small holes. These cavities can include trees, buildings, houses, freeway signs and any… Read more »

  • Skunk Removal – Getting Rid Of Skunks

    Another highly recognizable animal that we deal with is the skunk. There are several species in North America, but in Ohio we are home to the striped skunk, Mephitis mephitis. Anyone who has lived in Ohio for any period of time has likely seen or smelled one of these guys. They are around the size of a… Read more »

  • Groundhog Removal – Behavior & Habits

    The groundhog, also known as the “woodchuck” or “whistlepig”, often conjures up visions of a squat, grumpy critter.  These large rodents are found in fields, commercial lots, along highways and residential yards.  They prefer the solitary lifestyle, only seeking out other groundhogs to mate between March and May in Ohio. When they sense any sort… Read more »

  • Opossum Removal & Control

    An opossum can be a scary creature to come across in your home territory.  While they are quite cowardly and harmless, their wide eyes and rat-like facial features can hardly make them appealing guests.   This marsupial (amazingly the only one in the United States) is guilty of crawling under decks and occasionally venturing into… Read more »

  • Ohio Flying Squirrels – Habits & Control

    Flying squirrels are unofficially the ninja of the Rodentia world. They are arguably the cutest ninjas you will ever meet. These critters are skilled at concealing themselves, engaging in amazing aerial acrobatics, and infiltrating the local attic. They don’t need to chew holes to gain entry either; all they need is a hole or gap… Read more »

  • Pests That Infest Stored Products

    Stored Product Pests Stored product pests like weevils, grain beetles, indian meal moths, and drug store beetles can be found all through out Ohio at all times of the years and can cause a significant amount of damages financially and with contaminated food. Buckeye Wildlife Solutions offers plans, methods and advice on eliminating and managing… Read more »

  • Interior & Exterior Spiders – The Difference

    Interior and exterior spiders are actually different and both spiders are biologically equipped to live in their respective environments. This is why it’s actually not always the best idea to remove spiders from inside the home and place them outside, despite the good intentions. Occasionally spiders will wonder inside from the outside, but most of… Read more »

  • Ant Facts & Control Plans

    There are several types of ants in Columbus, Ohio including odorous house ants, little black ants, carpenter ants and more. Most species of ants live solely outdoors, venturing indoors when in search of sustenance. It can be surprising when an interior infestation gets out of control the best plan of action is to attack from… Read more »

  • Flea Behaviors & Biology

    Fleas are small brown creatures that jump from surface to surface. They are extremely difficult to eliminate and can rarely be eradicated on one’s own with store bought products or holistic remedies. Even with professional services, they often take more than one application. Buckeye Wildlife Solutions Professionals are highly educated and additionally trained to tackle… Read more »

  • Importance Of Pest Treatments

    The importance of year round pest treatments; yes, even during the winter months. At the end of every fall without fail, you may notice a mass exodus of various bugs and insects. But they aren’t dying off or migrating south for the winter, they’re actually secretly invading areas of your yard and home. They’re setting… Read more »

  • Dead Deer Removal / Pickup

      Are you looking for someone in Columbus Ohio to pickup a dead deer on your property, or perhaps a city owned property? There are a few things you should know before contacting someone. If the deceased deer is located more than 150 feet away from the public road, the city will not come to remove…. Read more »

  • Spider Behavior & Control Tips

    This year, a hot and humid Ohio summer created the perfect conditions for a bug boom. The explosion in insect population means that there are ample dinner supplies for the upcoming spider season. Yes, thats right. Just when you thought summer skeeters and picnic ants were just about over, there’s a new irritant in town:… Read more »

  • Mole Biology, Damage, & Habits

    One of the most common wildlife species that is dealt with around central Ohio is the mole. While moles are not typically able to enter into homes, they can cause significant damage to yards, mulch beds and gardens.  Their damage is in the form of tunnels just below the surface and “volcano mounds” or “mole… Read more »

  • Squirrels In The Attic – How They Do It

    Squirrels in the attic is a very common problem in residential neighborhoods. Squirrels are actually the #1 searched pest animal on the internet. Why is that? Well, the problem originates from squirrel behavior which inclines them to seek out the best place to live and reproduce, and many times this lands them inside a home…. Read more »

  • Raccoons In The Attic – Tips & Control Methods

    Raccoons appear to be cute furry little animals, but the paths of destruction they leave in their wake is not cute at all to say the least. Raccoon abatement programs is something Buckeye Wildlife Solutions can offer. We take many things into consideration when trapping for raccoons. One is where the main point of entry… Read more »

  • Bat Removal & Control – A Bat Experts Blog Entry

    Bats are nocturnal in nature. Bat species in Northern America exclusively feed on insects during the night. Nuisance concerns arise when bats are able to gain access to a home or other building. Exclusion of the nuisance bats becomes necessary when this happens. Keeping the bats out of the structure long term should be the… Read more »