Mansfield Pest & Wildlife Removal Service

Buckeye Pest Solutions is the premier Mansfield pest removal service. Our staff is licensed to handle all manners of pest removal in central Ohio and neighboring regions. If you notice yellowjackets, or other nuisances in your home, call (844) 544-7378 for immediate assistance. A BPS team member is available to put an end to your pest problems. Our removal specialists are highly experienced and hold the necessary qualifications to practice pest removal in Ohio. Call today for outstanding removal service!

Our Mansfield Pest Removal Service: Stinging Insects and More

Mansfield is littered with problem pests. Nearly every home and business owner will encounter one or more throughout the year. With such a variety of nuisances, it pays to enlist the help of a top-notch Mansfield pest removal service. Buckeye Pest Solutions is Mansfield, Ohio’s #1 ranked pest removal company. Our specialists all have formal education and an extensive background in pest control. Call BPS today at (844) 544-7378 for unparalleled pest removal service!

Common Mansfield pests include:

  • Mosquitoes
  • Hornets
  • Yellowjackets

Which Species Do Our Mansfield Pest Removal Service Handle?

We at Buckeye Pest Solutions take pride in our ability to perform removals for dozens of different pest species. We can create a removal plan for just about any annoying creature you might encounter. This includes common pest species such stinging insects and mosquitoes. Below, we will highlight some of the most prevalent pests in Mansfield and nearby areas. Call us today at (844) 544-7378 with any other questions about our service!

Stinging Insects

Stinging insects are trickier to handle than many other pest species. There are three main types of stinging insects in Central Ohio: bees, wasps (especially yellowjackets), and hornets. Bees are beneficial to both the economy and the environment, so it is very important to remove them at minimal harm to the colony. Far more dangerous (and difficult to remove) are wasps and hornets.

Yellowjackets are a long and narrow species of wasp that is aggressive, territorial, and very dangerous. They will defend their area viciously and can sting their targets several times. For your safety, please do not approach yellowjacket nests. Hives can number in the thousands, which could put you in a life-threatening situation. Instead, call Buckeye Pest Solutions today at (844) 544-7378 and allow us to handle your yellowjacket removal needs!

Hornets, much like yellowjackets, are aggressive and territorial. However, a hornet’s sting is even more dangerous to humans. Hornets inject a higher concentration of venom than wasps. As a result, the stings are considerably more painful. Furthermore, hornets release pheromones when attacking a target which calls for other hornets in the colony to get in on the attack. Please never approach a hornet or its nest. Call Buckeye Pest Solutions at (844) 544-7378 to remove hornets from your property now!

How BPS Performs Its Mansfield Pest Removal Service

Pest removal is a blanket term. Understandably, the removal process will look different for each species involved. However, Buckeye Pest Solutions makes a commitment to each of our customers that we will resolve your situation quickly and humanely. We make sure to abide by all laws and codes mandated by state and federal law. Furthermore, we make it a point to use the safest, most reliable and most efficient tools and removal methods available. Call Buckeye Pest Solutions today at (844) 544-7378 for Mansfield’s most humane and effective pest removal service!

What Does the Removal Process Look Like?

As previously mentioned, removals differ based on the species and locations involved. This is why Buckeye Pest Solutions creates custom solution plans for each individual case.

Firstly, our experts will survey your property. We want to know where the pests are, how they got there, and why they came. Only after this is done will we know how to design the perfect removal plan. We keep our customers informed throughout the entirety off the process. Furthermore, we’re available by phone if you have any pressing questions. For Mansfield, Ohio’s most trusted pest removal service, call Buckeye Pest Solutions today at (844) 544-7378!