Best Bat Removal Service – Columbus, Ohio

Are you a resident or home-owner in Columbus, Ohio? If so, you’re likely to be faced with a bat dilemma sooner or later. At first, you may simply hear scratching or other seemingly innocent noise. However, leave it alone too long and you could end up with an insurmountable problem. If allowed to stay in your home unchallenged, bats can make an absolute mess of your home or attic. There are several issues you might encounter when bats invade your home. Below, we will list some of the common problems:

  • Bat guano will begin to pile up, putting you and your family at real risk of contracting painful, or even deadly diseases like histoplasmosis.
  • Furthermore, bats can damage insulation and leave the interior of your attic in shambles.
  • You may even require full attic restoration service depending on the severity of your case.

Bats are not to be played around with, Furthermore, it is illegal to harm, poison, or trap many common bat species. Therefore, if you believe you have a bat infestation, call Buckeye Pest Solutions today at (844) 544-9453. BPS is indisputably the best bat removal service in Columbus, Ohio!

Bats clustered on the ceiling of a Columbus homeowner's attic.

Bats clustered on the ceiling of a Columbus homeowner’s attic.

What Makes BPS the Best Bat Removal Service in Ohio?

Experience, expertise, and top-of-the-line equipment. Each bat removal expert on our staff boasts years of formal training. Furthermore, they are likely to have hundreds of successful bat removal projects under their belt. In order to deliver the best bat removal service possible, we understand we need to hire the best recruits Columbus has to offer. Our legacy of top-level humane bat eviction service in the communities we service affords us the ability to hire the best.

Put your bat problems to rest. Call Buckeye Pest Solutions today at (844) 544-9453. In doing so, you are enlisting the help of the best bat removal service Columbus has to offer!