Bat Removal Service in Ashland

Bat colonies are still very active around Ashland and nearby areas. Of all the bat removal services available to Ashland residents, Buckeye Pest Solutions is the undeniable champion. Our team consists of highly-trained, specialized bat removal experts capable of handling any bat situation you may run into. Additionally, we perform full attic restoration service should the bats cause any property damage. Our goal is to return your property to its original state as quickly and safely as possible. Call Buckeye Pest Solutions, the top bat removal service in Ashland today at (844)544-7378!

A big brown bat is released during an Ashland bat exclusion job.

A big brown bat is released during an Ashland bat exclusion job.

Why Is Buckeye Pest Solutions the #1 Ranked Bat Removal Service in Ashland?

Our success hinges on several important factors. Firstly, we hire the resident bat experts in the Ashland area to ensure that we are always supplied with knowledgeable bat removal specialists. In addition, we train each of our employees to sharpen their situational awareness and to guarantee the highest chance of success in the field. Also, we make sure to obtain all proper licensure and insurance to perform in Ashland and the rest of Ohio. Call our office today at (844)544-7378 to hire the top bat removal service in Ashland today!

How We Remove Bats from Your House

Removing bats from the house is a detailed procedure that involves a great deal of knowledge and skill to pull off correctly. Below, we will list the main components that go into a bat removal job in Ashland, Ohio:

  • First, we will survey the property. This allows us to get a good idea of how the bats entered your property as well as what may have attracted them and other areas they may use to re-enter.
  • Then, we will locate the primary entry point and install a one-way bat removal valve over it. This valve allows the bats to safely exit the premise while disallowing them from re-entering due to its unique construction.
  • After the bats leave, we will repair the remaining entry hole and clean up any mess the bats left.
  • Finally, if your house is in need of attic restoration, we offer a full range of services including damage repair, insulation replacement, and much more.

Call the top bat removal service in Ashland, Ohio today at (844)544-7378 for unmatched bat removal service!