Do It Yourself Squirrel Removal

Do it yourself squirrel removal is a common search query, especially toward the beginning of spring. Squirrels give birth in February and March, at which point the young take ten weeks to become fully active. Although we will suggest several do it yourself squirrel removal tactics, it is important to know when to hand the job off to a professional squirrel removal service like Buckeye Pest Solutions. Even a seemingly benign critter such as the squirrel can cause immense damage to your home, attic, and other property. Our office is available to take your call right now at 844.544.PEST!

Our Go-to Do It Yourself Squirrel Removal Suggestions

Although we encourage everybody to take preventative measures against invading wildlife, DIY is usually a temporary, less effective version of the prevention services we offer. Buckeye Pest Solutions employs highly-trained carpenters and landscapers to fortify your home against squirrels and other critters. We can install vent guards and chimney caps, repair roofs and seal gaps along your house, and much more. That said, here are a few things you can do to strengthen your home’s front line of defense against wildlife:

  • Firstly, remove any potential food source from the outside of your house. Common problematic sources are bird seed and pet food.
  • Then, trim any branches which provide easy access to windows, balconies, or your roof.
  • Additionally, consider removing any hanging or stacked items that would allow squirrels to access your home. This can include firewood, ivy, and much more.
  • Beyond this, live trapping is the only permanent solutions for getting rid of squirrels. Buckeye Pest Solutions is available to take your call now at 844.544.PEST!
  • Do It Yourself Squirrel Removal Can Help Prevent Critter Invasions.

    Do It Yourself Squirrel Removal Can Help Prevent Critter Invasions.

BPS Is Ohio’s Premier Wildlife Removal Service

Our staff is fully licensed and insured to practice wildlife removal in the state of Ohio. Furthermore, we employ the top local talent and equip each member of our team with industrial-grade tools to handle even the most complex wildlife removal and cleanup tasks. Call our office right now at 844.544.PEST to get started with the squirrel removal process!