Ant Facts & Control Plans

There are several types of ants in Columbus, Ohio including odorous house ants, little black ants, carpenter ants and more. Most species of ants live solely outdoors, venturing indoors when in search of sustenance. It can be surprising when an interior infestation gets out of control the best plan of action is to attack from the outside. The only species of ant that can form satellite colonies on the interior of a home or business is the carpenter ant, which is why they can be especially difficult to eradicate. Team BWS has a plan for ant control in any situation and in any setting.

The ants on the surface make up only 15% of the entire population. This means that there is an entire community of underground dwellers lurking underground. This is exactly why store bought products and sprays simply do not work. An ant queen spends her time in the nest repopulating and creating even more. The only way to eradicate an ant infestation is to eliminate the nest and the queen. If the nest is not taken care of, the ants will keep coming.

Using only the best products with a highly trained and certified staff, Buckeye Wildlife Solutions is more than equipped to help any Columbus resident with ant infestations and more.