Birds In Vents – Nesting Buildup & Bird Mites

Another very common wildlife encounter are when birds nest in bath fan vents. The most common species that flocks towards these vents are European starlings and English sparrows. Both are “cavity nesting” birds, which means they prefer to make their nests in small holes. These cavities can include trees, buildings, houses, freeway signs and any other hole they can find. Bath fan vents on homes mimic these desirable nesting sites. Birds in vents can cause all kinds of issues for a homeowner. Birds will even build their nests in the vent, and lay eggs to hatch their babies during the springtime. Call Buckeye Wildlife Solutions if you discover birds living in your vents.

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There are several styles of fan vents installed on houses, including attic vents on the roof, and dryer vents and bathroom vents on the side of the house. Starlings and Sparrows seem to have figured them all out. These 2 are the #1 vent pests. The vent is usually a small hood or louvered slats on the side of the house, with a width of about 6 inches. This covers a hole in the siding that leads to a vent tube; which connects to the fan motor in the bathroom ceiling.

A homeowner will first notice there’s a problem likely from hearing scratching noises in the bathroom ceiling, or anywhere in the ceiling between the bathroom and the outside wall. These birds can also be seen coming and going at all times of the day, commonly carrying nesting material into the vent. The birds nesting material is where the major problem lies. These birds will cram the vent tube full of ornamental grasses, leaves, and other nesting material to lay their eggs in. They typically are not content with a small saucer size nest like other birds. Multiple trash bags full of material are commonly removed from vents and attics where these species are concerned. This material clogs the vent tube, preventing the moist air from exiting your bathroom to outside.

These bird nests are often crawling with a parasitic insect known as “bird mites.” These tiny mites inhabit the nesting material by hundreds of thousands. Long-term bird nesting in vents and attics often leads to bird mites coming through the bath fan and into the home. They will not use humans as a long-term host, but they will bite you, and itching with the possibility of a rash is a common side-effect.

Buckeye Wildlife Solutions can solve all these problems. We can perform removal of all bird nest material, treat the vent with an insecticide to eliminate parasites (like bird mites,) and install heavy-duty exterior covers that are durable enough to prevent the problem from ever repeating itself in the future.