Flea Behaviors & Biology

Fleas are small brown creatures that jump from surface to surface. They are extremely difficult to eliminate and can rarely be eradicated on one’s own with store bought products or holistic remedies. Even with professional services, they often take more than one application. Buckeye Wildlife Solutions Professionals are highly educated and additionally trained to tackle especially difficult and frustrating problems and infestations.

The fleas you witness are actually only 15% of the entire population in a home dealing with an infestation. The majority of the flea population is actually comprised of eggs, larvae and pupa. This portion of the population is not visible to the naked eye, making it that much more difficult to eradicate a flea infestation. Professional maintenance, like the services provided by BWS, is needed in tandem with personal sanitation maintenance provided by the home owner. Without a steadfast and consistent plan developed by both the professional and the homeowner, a plan for a flea infestation is ineffective.

Fleas survive by feeding on the blood of their host, like your family pet and sometimes even you! Sometimes a flea infestation can go unnoticed for seemingly way to long because no bites are present. That is because the reason for an itchy bite is actually the allergic reaction to the fleas saliva and not all people are allergic. If you’re getting bites but your partner isn’t, don’t worry, you’re not going crazy. BWS offers a one time service plans or deeply discounted treatments with a recurring service plan to aid in your flea infestation recovery.