Groundhog Day in Central Ohio

At any given time, several species of pest could be burrowing under your yard – forming tunnels, ruining your garden, and annoying your dog. What separates the groundhog from most burrowing pests is their adaptability. Groundhogs are perfectly build for digging, with compact, powerful limbs and curved claws for tearing up the earth. In addition, they are great swimmers and even have the ability to climb trees. There isn’t much Mother Nature can do to deter these hardy pests (even with our erratic, Columbus, OH climate) .

Groundhogs will hide if they sense danger – something that our society has turned into a superstitious event. Each year, the citizens of Punxsutawney, PA predict the future state of the climate based on whether or not their famed groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, “sees his shadow.” In reality, though, “seeing his shadow” is simply the phenomenon of an animal sensing danger. When threatened, they retreat to their already-formed burrows. This becomes a problem when these burrows are on your property. Groundhogs will eat not only the insects in your yard, but also any plants and vegetation you may have.

How Do I Handle a Groundhog Problem?

The short answer is to call a Columbus wildlife removal service. A key problem with pests that burrow underground is how difficult it can be to effectively place traps and get into a workable vicinity for direct capture. Buckeye Wildlife Solutions’ staff is fully trained in the behaviors and tendencies of each Central Ohio pest. Groundhogs do not act like most pests and, therefore, should not be treated like them. Many Columbus homeowners attempt to fill in the groundhogs’ burrows to demoralize them. Unfortunately for those involved, groundhogs are not deterred by blocking off tunnels. They will very quickly begin a new digging project, leaving you with even more damage. Please do not attempt to approach groundhogs, as they are known carriers of rabies.

Buckeye Wildlife Solutions is Columbus, OH’s leading groundhog removal service. Each case is unique, with many situations requiring multiple traps – sometimes in strange locations. Timing the traps is essential, and knowing exactly which locations have the highest success rate ensures that your problem is handled quickly.

How Does BWS Take Care of Groundhog Problems?

Trapping groundhogs can be a game of numbers. Not only should the traps be placed at the optimal time and location – but the number of traps should equal the number of burrow exits. If a groundhog digs three separate tunnels, each with two outlets, then a professional service like ours may set a trap on each of the six outlets. The methods used depend on the individual situation. Once the groundhog(s) are trapped, they will be relocated away from the property with no chance of return. Please stay safe when dealing with pests – do not try to confront them on your own. Call Buckeye Wildlife Solutions at 844.544.WILD for humane, effective pest removal. 

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