Handling Opossum Problems in Columbus, OH

Opossums are mid-sized animals, about the size of a cat when fully grown. They are America’s only marsupial and one of the least evolved creatures relative to their species’ length of existence. Opossums have very diverse, effective immune systems which include immunity to many venoms like those found in several species of snakes. They will eat both plants and animals, and insects are a definite favorite. Insects are easy to target and very nutritious relative to the workload, so an opossum will scour your yard in order to fulfill its daily needs. Opossums are nocturnal, so the majority of the work they carry out takes place at night.

Opossums are best known for their ability to “play dead.” If, however, you find yourself in a situation where an live opossum invades your property, you’ll want to contact Buckeye Wildlife Solutions right away. They aren’t the most ferocious pests in Central Ohio, but one-on-one contact with any wild animal is certain to carry some risk. Opossums are known, in rare cases, to carry rabies. Rare as it may be, there is no substitute for good health! Please avoid handling or confronting opossums on your own without proper training and safety precautions.

How Do I Handle an Opossum Problem?

Compared to other pest species, opossums are pretty easy to handle. They are simple to catch because humans don’t register as threats to them. This allows for easy capture with little risk involved. That said, you still should not approach any animal with the intent to catch them yourself.

Opossums will find shelter under decks and other easy-to-access areas. Our staff will determine the best way to go about trapping the animal. This includes timing as well as placing the traps. Once captured, we will prepare the trap for relocation. Once the area is free of opossums, the specialist will relocate the animal(s) into the wild where they will not have a chance to re-enter your property. Any necessary clean-up efforts can be handled after this step, although not much is expected when dealing with opossums.

What Will Buckeye Wildlife Solutions Do For Me?

Opossums try to avoid contact with humans and other animals whenever possible. This makes capture relatively safe compared to more aggressive pests. Our team will determine when and where to place the traps, at which point the opossum will be lured in using bait. Buckeye Wildlife Solutions has specialized in humane opossum removal for several years. Should you find yourself faced with an opossum invasion, call Buckeye Wildlife Solutions at 844.544.WILD for humane, effective removal. 

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