Interior & Exterior Spiders – The Difference

Interior and exterior spiders are actually different and both spiders are biologically equipped to live in their respective environments. This is why it’s actually not always the best idea to remove spiders from inside the home and place them outside, despite the good intentions.

Occasionally spiders will wonder inside from the outside, but most of the spiders seen inside the home actually live there! The most common indoor spider species in Ohio are the yellow sac spider, common house spider and house funnel weavers. The yellow sac spider is often mistaken for a recluse, but it is very rare to find a brown recluse in Ohio. In the off chance that one of these common house spiders bite, the result is medically insignificant. Interior spiders in Ohio look for certain qualities in shelter when setting up shop. These qualities include an unkempt home, dark and humid areas and not heavily trafficked. This is why the basement is known for housing spiders and can add a spooky aura to your home.

Buckeye Wildlife Solutions offers comprehensive recurring plans as well as one time specials, to help rid Columbus home owners of spiders and other pests. Each visit includes a professional inspection by a highly trained pest specialist to get down to the root of the problem to eliminate spiders and other pests. This helps us maintain and manage spider issues moving forward so that no pest problem reoccurs while we’re on watch. BWS inspection includes spider hot spots such as the basement or attic, foundation and areas through out the yard. Based on our findings, our maintenance plans are tailored to fit our client’s specific needs. Every bug treatment includes a powerful barrier of protection around the periphery of your home so that no pest should be able to enter your home without passing through BWS product.