Ohio’s Own – Invading Bald-Faced Hornets

The bald-faced hornet is a frightening sight to witness. They fall under the yellowjacket category, although this species are larger than most other wasps. The name “bald-faced” stems from the black & white color scheme which adorns their bodies. Their stingers are smooth, which allows them to sting their target multiple times. On top of that, the stings include a dose of venom which makes the experience all the more painful. These pests are extremely aggressive when they feel their nest is threatened. You should do everything you can to keep away from their personal space. Their colonies can include hundreds of members, and each one will defend their nest to the death. Although they are most common in the southeastern United States, bald-faced hornets are known to reside in Ohio – even urban locations like Columbus and surrounding areas in Central Ohio.

How Do They Behave Around People?

Of all the pests we handle, bald-faced hornets can be one of the trickiest. They become hostile when they feel even remotely threatened. This issue must be treated promptly, but with caution. The absolute best time to have a nest destroyed is early in the spring when the nests are not yet finished. The quicker you deal with this situation, the easier it will be to remove the nest entirely. Should you notice a finished nest, your only job is to leave it alone. If you attempt to remove a bald-faced hornet nest without proper training and safety equipment, you will be violently attacked and seriously injured. The best thing you can do is to call a wildlife removal service like Columbus’s Buckeye Wildlife Solutions. I will warn you to be careful when selecting a company to perform your removal. Our company specializes in yellowjacket removal, but many removal services are not properly trained to handle these pests. Buckeye Wildlife Solutions is your best bet when dealing with aggressive pests like the bald-faced hornet.

How We Will Remove Your Bald-Faced Hornet Nest

The first thing we will do when your specialist(s) arrive is locate the nest and survey the surrounding area. It is important to take into account the geography of the nest and the space around it. Doing this allows us to make the most effective extermination plan, as each case will be unique. Once we decide on the best method to pursue, we will choose the time of day that best suits the situation. Removal may include the use of traps, pesticides, or both. Once the nest is destroyed, we will remove all of the hornets from your property and release them into the wild. If your property is home to a bald-faced hornet nest, please understand that your situation is urgent. You need to call a professional removal service. Buckeye Wildlife Solutions are Central Ohio’s premier yellowjacket removal service. Let our experts handle your situation – give us a call at 844-544-9453!