Opossum Removal & Control

An opossum can be a scary creature to come across in your home territory.  While they are quite cowardly and harmless, their wide eyes and rat-like facial features can hardly make them appealing guests.   This marsupial (amazingly the only one in the United States) is guilty of crawling under decks and occasionally venturing into attics.  While they are not normally crafty enough to dig or create their own holes, they will take advantage of any existing holes in construction or the holes of another animal to accomplish these means.  These animals enjoy the darkness, shelter, and cool moist air that the space under a deck can provide.  Likewise, they also enjoy the dark, sheltered area of an attic or crawlspace. Opossums are quite easy to remove, and with identification of the access point, further entry can be prevented.

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Opossums are not aggressive, but their presence could be a sore spot for the family dog. While interactions are unlikely to be physical, as the opossum is cowardly and would prefer to run and hide or play dead, the dog will often bark and carry on trying to get at it.  Your dog may also dig or cause damage around your deck trying to reach this little fellow.

Wildlife Removal Services Columbus Ohio Rest assured, opossums would prefer to be left alone and do not wish to bother you or your family pet; they are simply seeking a quiet place to live out their days and raise their young.  However, their presence can be unpleasant for the homeowner.  By extracting them from their hiding place and repairing the entry sites, this can all be easily remedied.  Digging a trench and installing a deck screen around the base of your deck, patio or sunroom will help prevent opossums, skunks, groundhogs and raccoons from taking up residence.

Did You Know?  Opossums are nocturnal creatures, and they are also considered among the hardiest of nature’s clean up crew.  They consume all manner of insects (including ticks) and they also enjoy a diet of smaller rodents and snakes as well.  They also enjoy snacking and cleaning up local road kill.