Pests That Infest Stored Products

Stored Product Pests

Stored product pests like weevils, grain beetles, indian meal moths, and drug store beetles can be found all through out Ohio at all times of the years and can cause a significant amount of damages financially and with contaminated food. Buckeye Wildlife Solutions offers plans, methods and advice on eliminating and managing issues with stored product pests that can save you tons of money and frustration.

Indian Meal Moths

Indian Meal Moths can be especially difficult to get rid of. They start their life cycle in larval form as a white caterpillar that infests dried food such as cereals, rice, flour, spices and anything stored in cardboard that can be found in cupboards. Its in that stage they crawl away to different rooms and set up cocoons to transition into moths. Once moths are seen, you can be sure you’ve got a pretty serious infestation. It is best to catch it in the early stages and this can be done by identifying the tell-tale signs of an indian meal moth infestation. A webbing can be found through out dry foods. It gets there as the larval caterpillar eats its way through the food and then deposits the webbing along it’s path.

This food is contaminated and must be thrown away. Occasionally a home owner may try to salvage the food in the cupboards, but this does not work. It is best to bite the bullet and destroy all food in the effected areas and clean storage areas appropriately. The longer an attempt at salvaging continues, the more infested the home becomes and inevitably more money is poured into a bad situation. Once the effected areas are cleared of food, the cupboards must be vacuumed and cleaned thoroughly.

Store bought items that promise the elimination of indian meal moths are ineffective and do not produce results. This is mainly due to a lack of potency allowed in pesticide products available to the general public. Fortunately we are able to get our hands on the good stuff – this is why Buckeye Wildlife Solutions provides the proper treatment and maintenance needed to eliminate indian meal moths.

In the adult stage of life the indian meal moth takes its moth form. It is about an inch long and brown with a white horizontal strip on it’s upper half. The life cycle of an Indian Meal Moth is just under a month long, and before you know it populations can sore, making home life and guest events embarrassing and stressful. Buckeye Wildlife Solutions eliminates both the larval and the adult stages of Indian Meal Moths, saving you the time, the money and the headache.

Grain Beetles, weevils, and drugstore beetles 

Beetles and weevils are also common invaders in homes and can cause significant damage to food. As with Indian Meal Moths, beetles and weevils destroy food as they feed through it. This poses sanitation problems and can be very costly. BWS Pros are highly trained and equipped to eliminate and manage all infestation and give you peace of mind. Grain invading beetles are very small and brown or black. They are about the size of the head of a pencil. The most recognizable thing about them is that they destroy food, evident by the holes in the corners of cereal boxes, plastic bags that hold flour or meal and some of them even fly. Weevils come in many varieties and can be found inside or outside, but grain weevils can be found indoors or in the garage in your stored food products such as rice and cereal and even cat or dog food. Weevils, albeit small can be identified by their recognizable gonzo-snout. Whichever type of weevil you find, it can be identified by that proboscis.

Buckeye Wildlife Solutions provides regularly occurring and onetime treatment plans to eliminate home pest invaders such as grain beetles, weevils and other types of stored product pests.