Spider Behavior & Control Tips

spidersThis year, a hot and humid Ohio summer created the perfect conditions for a bug boom. The explosion in insect population means that there are ample dinner supplies for the upcoming spider season. Yes, thats right. Just when you thought summer skeeters and picnic ants were just about over, there’s a new irritant in town: Spiders. 
Fall in Columbus, Ohio is just around the corner, and that means that breeding season for spiders is heading our way. During this season, spiders tend to get more courageous when looking to find a mate and carry on their family name. This is why you may see spiders wandering through the house and in the corners of your rooms. 
Don’t fret. Spiders pose little to no threat to you or your pets, but just in case you came here to figure out how to deter or get rid of spiders here are some tips. 

Yard Work

Mowing, hedge trimming, raking up leaves and general yard clean up are all great preventative measures to take when lessening the spider population around your home. By eliminating debris and ground cover, you’re effectively eliminating spider hideouts. With no where to hide, the spiders will seek other, safer, shelter. Possibly your neighbors.  


Laundry, dishes, sweeping and mopping and general clean up inside your home will definitely lessen the populations on the interior. Just like outdoor duties, what you’re doing is eliminating spider shelters. Clothes on the floor? Excellent hiding spot. Unmade bed? Best make your bed. 

Preventative Maintenance

Outdoor and indoor spiders are actually two different types of spiders and typically like to hang out in their respective homes. But for the occasional wanderer you may want to do a little preventative maintenance. Calking gaps and cracks in windows, around doors and along the foundation of your home will exclude those spiders from entering your home. Think about investing in a door sweep or nice new window screens. These simple remedies will deter spiders and other bugs, as well as raise your curb appeal. 

Diatomaceous Earth & Other Store Bought Product

Store bought products can be effective, but for shorter periods of time than professional products. Recurring pest control in Ohio may seem like a big expense, but after buying so many products at the store and using them more often, it can end up just as costly or possibly more so. So kick your feet back and let a professional do the labor. But if you must, the best product you can have around your home is diatomaceous earth. A sedimentary rock, ground down into a fine powder spread around the foundation of your home will prevent all sorts of creepy crawlies from entering your home.