Squirrels In The Attic – How They Do It


Squirrels in the attic is a very common problem in residential neighborhoods. Squirrels are actually the #1 searched pest animal on the internet. Why is that? Well, the problem originates from squirrel behavior which inclines them to seek out the best place to live and reproduce, and many times this lands them inside a home. Little do the squirrels know, pest control companies are here to solve that problem.

Squirrel trapping & removal is something Buckeye Wildlife Solutions can offer. We capture the squirrels by installing traps over their entry points or on the roof. Squirrels will generally need a tree to access the roof, but we’ve also seen them climb corners at times. Trimming overhanging limbs can drastically reduce the possibility of having squirrel problems in the future. This measure will not work in resolving an ongoing squirrel problem, because they are very territorial and once they have established a nest they will be relentless in finding a way back into your attic. Trapping is the only logical and effective way to remediate a squirrel problem. Some inexperienced companies will attempt excluding them by putting one-way devices over the squirrels entry and expecting them to simply just leave, but this only ends up causing more problems because the squirrels will just chew additional entry holes on your home.

Contact Buckeye Wildlife Solutions today for squirrel removal in Dublin & Columbus Ohio. We use advanced methods of squirrel control that have proven effective time and time again. We can also help clean up the mess squirrels make in your attic, and repair the damages they have caused to the exterior of your house. We use humane methods of squirrel removal in Columbus and would never let an animal suffer. Call us today!