Thermal Imaging & Columbus Pest Control

Thermal imaging cameras may seem like spy technology, but they are often used by companies in the pest management field to make removal jobs easier. Like many other kinds of technology, new developments have made thermal imaging cameras easier to afford – giving pest removal workers a fantastic resource to work with. They detect infrared energy (also known as heat) and present it in the form of a visual image. The end product is easy to decipher and gives the user a more accurate picture of what’s going on within the walls of your home. 

What Can Thermal Imaging Pick Up & How Does It Help?

The camera will pick up on any moisture or heat activity inside your walls, making the job much easier for us. There are several types of animals which will live inside walls. Indoor beehives are an issue many Columbus residents are faced with during the warmer months. Bees are small enough to fit through tight openings in the structure of your home. Once inside, they can build hives which house colonies of potentially thousands of bees. Mice are another common nuisance in Central Ohio. Often times, they will use the interior structure of your home as shelter. It is common for mice to die inside the walls of a home, making them difficult to locate and remove. Using thermal imaging, the heat traces from the dead rodents’ bodies allows us to pinpoint the area of concern.

Other animals, like squirrels and raccoons, can reproduce inside of walls. Entire litters of squirrels and raccoons can be raised inside your home without much risk of being caught. It is very difficult for homeowners to locate animal living within their home. Our team will easily be able to find any nests or nuisance critters in hard-to-find areas with the help of thermal imaging.

Often times, the hardest part of a removal job can be locating the animals or nests within a home. With thermal imaging cameras, all traces of heat and moisture are picked up – even through solid surfaces. This is extremely useful when searching for small animals like baby raccoons, rodents, or insect colonies. If you are in need of pest removal, give Buckeye Wildlife Solutions a call at 844.544.WILD. Whether or not we need thermal imaging, we guarantee you’ll appreciate our service!

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