Yellowjackets in the Columbus Area

Of all the pests you might deal with in Central Ohio, few are as feared as the yellowjacket. Think of them as the Ferrari to the common bee’s Volvo. A yellowjacket is a version of a wasp – a longer, thinner counterpart to the more compact, hair-covered bee. They are capable of stinging several times due to their smaller, more ergonomic barbs. It is important to note that yellowjackets are very territorial, and should not be addressed in an aggressive manner. Staring down a hive of yellowjackets is intimidating – Columbus’s top removal service, Buckeye Wildlife Solutions, vows to remove it quickly and completely.

What You Need to Do

Do not take this issue lightly. If you do not know exactly how to handle a nest of yellowjackets, which most people don’t, stop what you’re doing and call Buckeye Wildlife Solutions at 844-544-9453. We will remove the nest safely and make sure that no wasp is left behind. An hive of yellowjackets is pretty much a nightmare scenario, and one which many homeowners are faced whenever spring months roll around. Should you find yourself staring down a nest full of these pests, make it your top priority to call a professional removal service. Buckeye Wildlife Solutions are Columbus’s leading wildlife removal experts – capable of handling all wildlife issues, yellowjackets included.

How We Get Rid of Them

As soon as the BWS team arrives, one or more specialists will conduct an investigation of the property to determine what attracted the yellowjackets to your property. Doing an investigation allows us to properly identify the source of the wasps’ interest, which may be an underlying pest problem. Yellowjackets typically feed on flies, grubs, and other pesky insects. Of course, we appreciate their contribution, but we don’t want them congregating on your property. We take into account the location of the nest, as this can differ significantly depending on the specific case. Some nests are built inside wall cavities, which poses a threat to the inside of the house. Other nests may be built outside, under decks and porches, or anywhere else they might fit. There are several ways to go about an extermination, which typically involves pesticides in a dust or an aerosol form. Our team will decide which time of day is best to conduct the extermination. Once removed, the nest is destroyed, leaving you free to go about your business without fear of injury. Yellowjacket removal should be left to professionals, as you risk putting yourself in danger if you don’t know what you’re doing. Call our expert team at Buckeye Wildlife Solutions today at 844-544-9453! We service Columbus as well as many other areas around Central Ohio. Our team promises to have your problem handled quickly and completely, allowing you to get back to your daily life without concern.